Golden Light Chinese Baptist Church of Chicago honored the pioneering work of Southern Baptist missionary Lottie Moon with an online conference reaching more than 1,000 churches and homes worldwide. The recent conference recognized Moon’s contribution to catalyzing missions to China.

Evan LiuChicago Golden Light pastor and professor of Asian studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, called the conference “a missionary holiday for the global Chinese Christian community.”

The multi-day conference in September included plenary sessions from Todd Lafferty and Hal Cunningham of the International Missionary Council, Andrew Brunson, a former missionary to Turkey and religious prisoner, and numerous Chinese Christian leaders.

Workshop sessions brought the experiences and testimonies of frontier missionaries in East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas to Mandarin-speaking Christians in person in Chicago and Montville, New Jersey, as well as worldwide through live streaming. .

Liu also directs the Chicago China Servant Leadership Center. He wrote about the need for missionaries to model Lottie Moon’s strategies in the mission field.

Liu highlighted Moon’s significance to Chinese Christians, noting the stone monument built in her honor in Shandong Province that reads, “For the Endless Love of Great America Missionary Lottie Moon.” .

Moon served in China from 1873 to 1912. She died of malnutrition in Kobe, Japan while returning to the United States. The Southern Baptist Convention’s annual Christmas offering for international missions is named in his honor.

EDITOR’S NOTE – This story was originally written and published by the Illinois Baptist State Association.


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