This item is designed to fuel your mental engine so you can hit the highway. So let’s start with 10 fun facts.

1. You can’t see your ears without a mirror. 2. You can’t count your hair strands. 3. You can’t breathe through your nose without sticking out your tongue. 4. You just tried #3. 6. When you tried #3 you realized it was possible, only now you look like a dog. 7. You are smiling right now because the question tricked you. 8. You skipped number 5. 9. You just checked if there was a number 5. 10. Share this with your friends so they can have fun too. I just applied number 10 because I shared 10 fun facts with you.

Here’s an important fact: Those who like my articles are happier, smarter, and more beautiful than those who don’t, according to a study I did. Ah!

It’s great to read what others are saying and thinking in today’s world on a variety of topics, whether it’s wise, cheeky, or reveals something that equips us for life. So I’m going to mix a bit of me in this compilation of ideas.

Cheeky snippets about life

Here is someone like me. “I don’t have a common thread. I have seven trains, on four tracks, which narrowly avoid each other when their paths cross and all the conductors are screaming. Sound familiar? “My child before dinner: ‘I’m starving. I need a snack. My child during dinner: “I am satisfied. I can not eat. My child after dinner: “I’m starving. I need a snack. Repeat forever. Women, consider this vow. “Wedding vows should include: ‘Do you promise to always help him find his things that are right in front of him?’ Because you will do this forever.

I like this thought. “I don’t always go the extra mile, but when I do, it’s because I missed my exit.” “Our family is just one tent away from a full-fledged circus.” Oh yeah! A final thought as we enter the “-ber” months. When someone says, “It’s too early for pumpkin spice,” realize you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

personal growth

“Everyone wants to reach the top of the mountain, but remember: real growth and change happens on the way up.” In other words, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Bob Costas offers this idea. “Champions don’t become champions on the pitch, they are just recognized there.” What you put into something often determines what you get out of it. DL Moody said, “Moses spent 40 years thinking he was somebody, 40 years learning he was nobody, then 40 years finding out what God can do with nobody.” Sometimes we have to be powerless to be self-sufficient.

Intellectual and societal humility

Here is an actual event (I checked it out) that changed two lives. “In 1981, a pediatrician saved the life of a 3.2 pound premature baby boy by working around the clock and beating all odds to stabilize him. In 2011, the same pediatrician was stuck inside from a burning vehicle after a car accident, but was later rescued by a paramedic who turned out to be the premature baby he had saved 30 years earlier.Mostly light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.

Here is an inspiring excerpt. “Please understand this: Bad chapters can always create great stories. Bad paths can always lead to the right places. Failed dreams can still create successful people. Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. Note this excerpt from pastor/church: “Don’t be mad at the pastor. He didn’t know what you were doing before he preached the sermon. Bev from the Philippines says, ‘Some people are so poor…everything they have is money.”

Finally, “Unity does not mean similarity. It means unity of purpose. There is a difference between conformity and fate.

soul prosperity

Here is a powerful observation. “Addiction is a special kind of hell. It takes the addict’s soul and breaks the hearts of everyone who loves them. I love that idea.” When the devil keeps asking you to look at your past, there’s has something in your future that he doesn’t want you to see.” Consider this. “The woman at the well has been divorced five times, and Jesus has always used her. complicated past. Jesus preserves your future. In other words, if you think you have frustrated God’s plan for your life, God has news for you. You are not so powerful. Consider this possibility: ” What happens to a person is often less important than what goes on inside them.The hardest prison to escape is in our own mind.

Prayers and prayer

Anyone can recite this prayer. “Heavenly Father, thank you for pursuing me relentlessly. Thank you for your grace that allows us to return to you time and time again. Forgive us for the way we run and hide from you. Give us the courage to turn to you and to accept your love. Consider this idea about prayer. “Sometimes we have to pray for the answer, but sometimes we have to pray to be the answer.” AW Tozer said, “I don’t want the world to define God for me. I want the Holy Spirit to reveal God to me.

Max Lucado offers this truth about prayer. “Our prayers can be awkward. Our attempts may be weak. But since the power of prayer is in the One who hears the prayers and not in the One who says the prayer, our prayers make a difference. Just think, if God can light up a bug’s butt, think what God can do for you.

Someone needed it today. I hear your mental engine revving, so head down the highway to a higher path.


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