If you know me, you know I want to reach the next generation. I go to churches and share with them the extreme importance of turning around and investing in the next generation.

I was at a church in Phoenix last weekend and reminded them that they must reach out to the next generation if they want to see their church prosper and grow.

But I also shared with them that a healthy family is made up of all generations. Great-grandparents, grandparents, Parents, teenagers, elementary school children, preschoolers and babies. A healthy church will reflect this and have all generations represented.

Don’t focus so much on reaching the next generation that you forget to reach and train seniors as well.

Here’s why you need older adults in your church.

Older people can be great prayer warriors.

Some of the greatest prayer warriors I have encountered are older adults. My father and my mother pray daily for my family and me. Their prayers make a difference in our lives.

Do you have a prayer ministry in your church? If not, it’s time to start one. The elderly will lead the prayer charge if you invite them to do so. Grandma’s prayers are something you need in your family and ministry.

Older people make excellent volunteers.

Some of the best volunteers I have ever served with are older adults. Many of them have served Jesus faithfully for decades. Challenge senior adults in your ministry to begin serving. There is no retreat to serve Jesus. Seniors who are retired often have more free time to serve.

One of the most amazing volunteers I have ever served with is a man named Will. He came to Christ during his adult years and immediately fired up for Jesus. He served many hours during the week and on weekends. I often joked and told him that he worked more hours than our “paid” staff members.

Older people can be effective mentors.

Seniors have a great opportunity to transform and guide the generations that follow them. Boys who need a father figure in their lives. Mothers who need guidance in raising their children. Couples who need help with their marriage.

What if you started a mentoring ministry and intended to enlist older people to serve as mentors? What an impact that could have!


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